Good thing it has heaters

It was raining and very cold weather when we celebrated the father’s birthday last year. But still we pushed through the plan to spend it at the resort where there is pool as requested by the kids. Also, for the nephew to enjoy the water since he is not allowed to swim at the beach because of his sensitive condition. Despite the very cold weather because it is raining, still the kids wears their swimming attire. When we arrived at the resort, the kids go directly to the pool to swim. They were surprise when they touch the warm water from the pool. Oh well, kids are kids they are just so innocent to those simple things. They are so curious why is the water is so warm despite the rain and the cold weather. I just explained to them that the reason the water is warm is because of the electric pool heaters. The heater that puts in the pool to make the water warm and for us to not feel the cold. The pool birthday celebration of the father was a memorable one. Good thing it has heaters because the kids did enjoy the warm water in the pool.