Successful family escapade

After months of saving and waiting, the family escapade was realize. Yes, the family and I did have a wonderful time during our one week vacation. We did able to visit the other relatives both my father’s and mother’s side. It was a great feeling to see them once again after years of not visiting the province of my parents. Even a wonderful one because some relatives do still remember and recognized us. How nice of them to still remember us especially my grandmother who is 85 years old now if I am not mistaken. haha!

Anyways, I am so happy that the family escapade was a successful one. In spite of the gloomy weather still we are able to go to the places that we wanted to visit while at the province. Thanks to Pinx for she is the one who recommend someone to become our tour guide at the same time driver of the van we rented. It was a memorable escapade for the family. The first ever escapade that we did outside the city where we live. I thank God for the opportunity and thanks for the blessings in blogging. Through blogging I am able to buy things that I want and able to treat the family in my simple ways. I am looking forward for the next summer family getaway/escapade. In God’s perfect time.

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  1. by Pinx, on May 22 2012 @ 2:54 pm


    aawsss…special mention man diay ko here! you’re welcome Gen! anytime, just let me know if you have friends who also would want to visit Bohol! i too would like to visit Siquijor and see my grandparents.

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