To check my dieting program

To lose weight is what I am aiming this year.  Very difficult decision to make because I have to say no to those fatty, oily, yummy, delicious and sumptuous foods.  As of the moment, I am on my dieting program.  My diet program is to eat less, no rice at night and less rice on breakfast and lunch.  It is never easy I must say because I am craving for the foods that I love to eat every time I am into eating mode.  So far so good, I am able to control myself from craving fatty foods and refrain from eating much.  I do not know if there is improvement in my weight because I do not have a scale yet to measure my weight.  I really need it to check my weight to see if there is changes and if my dieting program is effective.  One of these days I will weighing scale for me to keep motivated to continue  my dieting program.

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