His tools inside his tool box

The brother is a construction worker and a welder for years now. Within those years he has lots of tools in his tool box. From time to time he keeps on checking it to make sure all are intact because some of his friends borrowed his tools. That is why he is checking it to make sure borrowed ones are already returned. As a construction worker and welding, to have a complete tools like hammer, flyer tools, screw driver, wood saw, c clamps, hacksaw and many more. These are his investments from doing the job. He started with only hammer and wood saw few years ago. Now, he has lots of tools for he bought one tool every payday. I can tell that the tools inside his tool box are his valuable things.

For the mean time, the brother stops his job because he got sick. He is not allowed to do hard work according to his doctor. He is sad because he missed doing his job. He is just contented by just looking at it for now. Soon, when he is fully recovered he will be doing the job again and will be using his tools again.