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I so missed being myself.  Going outside of the house alone, go somewhere and enjoying the day without the kids to watch and not thinking of the time.  This is what I did yesterday.  Yes, I went to a friend’s birthday celebration.  Stayed there for almost four hours and decided to go to the mall after.  I did have a good day at the mall.  Doing the window shopping as usual and if I like a certain thing, I will buy it.  Oh well, I am thinking of buying a new shirt for me.  As a gift for myself after the working hard.  In a way, it is like pampering myself.  Though it is lonely to do window shopping alone, I took the advantage of enjoying myself while at the mall.  It is seldom happens since I babysit my siblings kids.  I always go to the mall but with kids.  I missed going out alone.

After hours of walking and window shopping, I decided to buy a new towel for me.  It has been two years since the last time I bought a towel.  Instead of a shirt, I have a new towel as a gift for myself.  So perfect because we are going to a vacation in two weeks time.  I can used my towel because I am sure we will be going to the beach as often as possible. woohoo!  Today, I went out all by myself.  Lonely but happy because this moment is very rare to happen since I do babysitting.

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  1. by Pinx, on April 29 2012 @ 1:33 pm


    same here, i miss going out alone… it’s been years!

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