The sweeper at the park

PhotobucketOne of the noble job that I do admire is the street sweeper. To some this is a low profile job, but if we have to think about it, this job is a job that we should be proud of. Well, every job that done in a decent way is a good reason to be proud of. I am amaze by this kind of job because the fact that they get low minimum salary, this job is not easy for sweep not only facing the dust on the street, the garbage that they have to sweep coming from the people who just throw their garbage anywhere but also the heat of the sun.

Being a street sweeper is never easy. But sweeper does not mind the hardships that they have to take just to bring money for their family. The photo I shared it here is a photo of a street sweeper that I took at the park. The lady is passionately sweeping the big area of the park. Their job and their hands are the reason why the park is clean as well at the street. As a citizen of this country, we should be thankful to street sweeper for they have done a big favor for us. They are cleaning the mess that we just throw on the street. I do hope that we should be responsible and sensitive enough to throw our garbage at the right place. And where is that place is? I know you know where and what it is. Do help the street sweepers by throwing our garbage at the right places.


  1. by My Daily Mumbles, on April 20 2012 @ 10:54 pm


    Very noble indeed!

  2. by My Daily Mumbles, on April 20 2012 @ 11:00 pm


    anyway have like, share, g+ and tweet this post, I hope you can do the same thanks!

  3. by Pinx, on April 21 2012 @ 9:09 pm


    korek! if walay sweeper, hugaw kaayo ang atong mga streets, thanks to them! bow ko nila pud!

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