Wanted to go home

Last night, I visited my nephew who was admitted in the hospital few days ago. I am not contented with the messages that the brother sent to me. I wanted to see in my own two eyes the real condition of the nephew. I also missed the nephew that is why I visited him together with my brother. When I entered the ward where the nephew is, I am happy because the nephew smiled at me. The sick and weak face of the nephew few days ago is gone. The black color surrounds his eyes is gone already. I am glad that the nephew is getting better. He was dehydrated when the brother and SIL brought him to the hospital.

I am talking to my SIL when I was there. I am happy to know that the nephew is slowly recovering. He is taking his medicines, vitamins, drinking his milk and eating. He is no longer vomiting and discharging of water is reduced to one from more than five times a day. While talking to his mom, the nephew always told his mother that he wants to go home. I bet he is bored lying in the hospital and seeing the same people inside the ward for two days. haha! He wanted to play I guess and missed his older sisters. Well, be patient nephew because you will be going home tomorrow. Just finish the remaining medicines and you will be going home after that. Thanks God that the nephew is getting better now.