It’s good to see him smiling


The above photo is one of my bubbly nephew’s pose. I so loved to see him smiling like that. Gives me more energy especially if I am sleepy while watching them playing with his one year old cousin. See that smile? Lovely isn’t it? This is the smile that I missed for six days. Yes, six days because the nephew is sick after the great bonding at the beach a week ago. He was sick and was confined at the hospital because he was dehydrated due to too much discharging of water. The worries are gone now because the nephew is getting better and was discharge at the hospital this afternoon.

When the nephew enters the door this afternoon, I saw him smiling. I can tell that his energy is back and in the mood to play again. haha! He is looking for his cousin Jc right away. How sweet he is. It is really good to see him smiling once again. Welcome home Ronj!!!

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  1. by Claire, on April 15 2012 @ 11:15 pm


    Wow! its good to know he is discharged from the hospital:)

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