His 65th Birthday


April 7, 2012 is the birthday of my dearest Papa. He turns 65 years old. It falls on the holy week that is why we did not able to celebrate on that day. Even though, we greeted him happy birthday and wishing him good health and more birthdays to come. My Papa is getting older, stubborn and irritated. Things that I do not understand sometimes that is why we clashed. I know I have to extend my patience because my father is getting older, but it is hard because he does things that is too difficult for me to comprehend. Sometimes the question ‘ Can I choose a father?’ comes into my mind. It is not good I know but anger brought me in that situation.

The cake is my surprise gift for him on his special day. I do not know if he is speechless or what because I haven’t heard any comment from him when I handed it to him. Mind you, this is the first time that I bought a cake for my father’s birthday. I am so grateful to God for giving me blessings in my blogging career. I never thought I would be able to buy cake for my father. It is simple but it comes from the bottom of my heart and wallet. haha!

Some of my blogging friends knows something about him. To those who hasn’t, allow me to introduce to you my dearest father, my bodyguard, my friend, my enemy, the reason I am alive till now and the reason I am here writing and sharing some thoughts. Happy Birthday Papa and I wish you good health and long life.

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  1. by Pinx, on April 12 2012 @ 9:44 am


    Happy Birthday sir!! pag good girl lagi gen para dili ma-bad si papa.. hahahaha!

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