The nephew’s stunts

The one year old nephew makes me smile everyday. He is one active little kid I must say because he does little stunts every time he gets bored and in the mood to be funny. He is a smart kid I must say because he knows when I am angry, not in the mood and serious. Sometimes he hugs me, kiss me and ride on me when we both on the bed playing. The same thing when the kids of my brother is same as JC. Yes, JC is the name of my one year old nephew. The bubbly, moody, cute, stubborn and lovely JC. Below are the photos of him that I took.

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The first photo is him in the mood to just crawling and lying on the floor. I did not bother to tell him to stand up because he won’t. The second photo is when he finished drinking his milk and does his stunts. So cute, right? That is how JC entertains me everyday. Things that his parents missed because they both are working. I am fortunate to see JC’s development each day. I am pretty sure that this little fella will show more of his own stunts as he grows. So there, that is JC. The bundle of joy of the family and his parents.