Finished with honors

Once again, my two nieces did make us proud especially their parents. We heard the good news that they finished with honors while having dinner last night. They really did well at school even if it is new to them since they were transferred. They get easily cope up with new way of teaching, new lessons, new environment and new friends. They were confused at first and does not want to participate in the class, but they adjusted well. And now giving the whole family the reason to smile and makes us proud.

Their school recognition will be on the 28th and 30th respectively. I already bought my present to them as I promised to buy them shoes if they finished with honors. And they did! My bad. haha! Well, I guess what I did was a good motivation for them to do better at school to get a present from me. They are good kids I must say for they give me what I want them to get. Congratulations Ronna and Ella, keep up the good works. Long way to go and I am pretty sure that you will reach to the top because I know you can do it. God bless always.