The brother regretted it

Two nights ago I was having a conversation online with my brother. He left the house two months ago and no plans of getting back because he packed all his things. The conversation did not went well because the brother does not want to listen to any of us. Seems like his mind is already close for us. His mind is set for something that is beyond what he supposed to have. He had given up his job for not so good decision. The kind of decision that no matter how much we tried to understand it, it is too difficult to agree.

We do not want anything from him except his life to be in good condition, have stable decent job and hopefully will practice the course he finished. That is the point that we are trying to tell him. This is not for our own good but for himself to have a better job if ever he plans to get married. However, instead of listening the brother took our advises differently. He gets mad and even said that he regretted he went to school and finishes college. Mt goodness! He does not value the sacrifices that the father and my sister has to take for him to finish college. A very sad situation that the family is going through right now. I so wish that the brother will soon realized that we are have the point all along. I hope soon enough before it is too late. And also, he will realized that we are his family and we care.