Not good to bully others

The nephew who will turning three in July loves to bully his sisters and neighbor’s kids. At the very young age, he is like a pester to others. I do not want him to grow up like that because it is not really good to bully others. I do not want him to do it because I know the feeling of being bullied. As much as possible I want the nephew to be a friendly kid to others because no one wants to be friend with bully kid. I have noticed him being like this after days of allowing him to play with other kids outside the house. I am not saying that the neighbor’s kids are bad, just that some kids are not well guided by parents and some are really bully.

Partly, I know that the attitude of a kid gets first from the environment they grow up. And that parents and adults they live with played the big part of how they are interacted with other kids outside their home. This is what I know from our psychology subject at school. This is the reason why I am teaching the nephew and the nieces not to be a pester to other kids. I told then it is not good to bully others. For the mean time, I am not allowing the nephew to go out to teach him a lesson. I wish it will work out.