Perfect gift for baby shower

In two months time, a friend will give birth to her first baby.  Before her due date comes, we wanted to throw a baby shower for her baby.  We wanted to welcome her baby with lots of wonderful gifts that the baby can use everyday.  My sister and I are thinking of giving her baby the best gift ever.  I wanted to give her a complete set of baby stuffs.  It is easy to find a gift for the baby because we already knew the gender of her baby.  The sister and I came up with the idea of buying a baby gift basket for her baby.  It is perfect gift because all the stuffs that the baby will be needing is inside the basket.  I am pretty sure that our gift would be one of the awesome gifts that a friend would be receiving on the  upcoming baby shower for her baby.   I am very much excited to give it to her as well as the sister.


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