It’s time for reconciliation

The catholic believers are now in their Lenten season. The season of repentance, reconciliation and surrendering ourselves to God. This is the best season for us to bring back the relationship that has been broke because of misunderstanding, fighting and the likes. The churches are conducting series of seminars, recollections and reflections for us to lessen the hurt, move away the grudges and anger in us. I have participated in this act before and I can tell that these are the best tools to use for us to forgive and forgets. Living in hatred and grudges will not letting us moving on in life because we have unfinished business to settle.

This year, Lenten season has just started. And catholic believers are encouraged to participate the programs that the churches are conducting. This is the time of repentance and reconciliation. Let us not put grudges and hatred in our hearts. It is time for us to let go and talk to the concern parties whom we have misunderstanding. This is the best thing to do for us to live a happy and meaningful life. Having the feeling of hatred and grudges will never give us peace of mind because we know in our hearts that there is someone out there we caused pain or vice versa. Let us give some time to meditate and do what is needed to be done as christian.


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  1. by anygen, on March 7 2012 @ 3:05 am


    here too sis, it is now coming in 1st week of April but it is just ordinary day here not like in pinas. People are sincere but here all you need is to decorate with stuff with some yellow touch. Thanks for sharing, dire nalang ko kay dili ang isa kuk,

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