The light is busted

I was in the middle of doing my online stuff when the light in my room shut off. I am supposed to stay up late last night but was not able to do it because there is no light. I was told that it is not good to work if there is no light because it is not good to our eyes. I went to my brother who is sleeping to wake him up to check the light. The brother is trying to fix it but still the light is not turning on. After trying several times, the brother says is not working anymore we better buy a new one.


It is so untimely because I have lots of things to do in my blog especially the one I have just transferred. I do not like to stay in the living room because I saw someone watching me the last time I sleep late. I do not want to experience it again that is why I opted to stay in the room than in living room. Even if I do want to go to bed yet because I am not yet sleepy, I have to do it because it is hard to work with no lights. It is good thing I guess because I always sleep yet the past days. Instead of getting pissed off, I am thankful of what happened because I get to sleep more time last night and well rested.


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  1. by Utah Mommy, on March 2 2012 @ 9:22 am


    Hi Mommy Genny, ninglabay ug nakibasa sa imong blog hehe. By the way, can we exchange links if it’s alright with you? If so, please let me know, thank you Mommy 🙂

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