Only God Knows

Few days ago, there are several robbery case in the city. One of those incidents happens here in the village where I live. So sad to know that the victims are shot by the robber. Around 9 in the evening when the mother and daughter was robbed on their way home. Worse is that the robber, shot the daughter’s abdomen. Untimely, but good thing the daughter is fine now and take some time to recover at the hospital.

One afternoon, their was a commotion happens in the village. One of the neighbor was arrested by the policemen because he was the prime suspect of the robbery case. It says, that the neighbor was positively recognized by the mother. Many are shocked when he was arrested because we could not believe that he did it. I personally know the guy, and I do not think he can do that such thing. Though he plead not guilty and said he is innocent of the crime. Still he was puts behind bars because the mother insist that he is the one who robbed them.

The policemen are conducting further investigation of the case. No result are being shown yet. Both mothers are crying for what had happened. I felt pity for the neighbor because I guess he is innocent. Many said that, but the policemen are just doing their job to clear everything. I hope that the truth comes out soon so that the case will be solved. And only God knows when is that day comes.


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  1. by Pinx, on March 1 2012 @ 2:28 pm


    bitaw… i’ve seen the news on TV. hadlok oi kay shot to death jud ang mga gi-hold up… so sad… amping mo diha gen.

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