The Diva Bids Goodbye

The world is so saddened after hearing the news that the singer Whitney Houston died. I myself sad because she is one of my favorite singers. One of the best singers in the world because of the quality of voice that she has. I still remember the first time I heard her song “I Will Always Love you”. It was indeed a very nice sung by the best singer. As far as I remember, that was the song that made her known in the world. Well, I love all her songs and I am sure all love her songs as well.

The famous diva bids goodbye to her fans and love ones at the age of 48. Too young to die and there is nothing we can do but to accept and pray that she may rest in peace. Many are speculating the caused of her death is related to drugs but it is not proven yet until the investigation is finished. There are series of tributes are being made to remember her especially in the music industry. Her co-singers are sad because another great singer passed away. They are in the shocked mode but slowly sink in their mind that Whitney Houston is leaving the human world.

No one really knows when is our last time here on earth, all we have to do is always be ready and always say I love you to our loves ones each day.