I was doing updates to my blog when I suddenly feel lonely. The house is so quiet because they are all sleeping because of the heavy rain. Though I am used to quiet night because I can think fast of what to write because no one bothers me. But tonight is different. I do not like the ambiance of no one making noise around. I thought of getting my mobile phone and play the music on the radio. One of the reason why I bought this kind of cell phone so that I can play it and listening to music anytime I want.

I am glad I have my phone to serenade me while I am writing posts for my blogs. I tuned it to my favorite radio stations that played love songs from the 70’s and 80’s. It is good to hear my favorite songs from before while doing my updates. It makes my brain works a bit fast. I am writing and singing at the same time even if I do not have good voice. It feels really good listening to my favorite songs played in the middle of the night. Makes me feel in love over and over again. Indeed, musics gives me the feeling that I am floating in the air. So perfect feeling for the love month.


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  1. by Chie, on February 9 2012 @ 8:15 am


    i sometimes feel that kind of loneliness sis kong gabie na kaau…music ra jud paaway ana

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