May you rest in peace

The cousin who is a cancer patient died four days ago and today is her burial. It is very sad to know that she died leaving her four kids and a husband who does not care. Even though she wanted to live but the way her family treated her, gives her the reason not to go on with life. The cousin is a good wife and a mother to her kids, but her family does not appreciate her sacrifices. And now that she is gone, I pray for her soul to leave in peace.

As we witness her burial today, I cry because I can feel that she is in peace with the Lord. Smiley She is now free from pain because of her illness and pain that her family caused. The cousin is now with the Lord and now live in peace where peace, happiness and glory reigns. No more pain, sadness and tears to shed. May you live in peace and be happy wherever you are right now.


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  1. by Mona, on February 8 2012 @ 11:07 pm


    Naku kalungkot naman ito girl,my condolences ..may her soul rest in peace.

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