The niece’s first communion

PhotobucketToday is the first communion rights of the niece. One of the event that she is waiting for this will be her gateway to taste the consecrated host that the catholic shared as body of Christ. She is very much excited on this event especially that her mother bought her white dress and shoes for the event. In fact, first the dress more than once and always look at it inside the closet. So funny to see her keep looking at her white dress and fitting her shoes. She is also done memorizing the words she has to say when facing the priest. The niece is a bit shy so I wish her best of luck.

I missed her first communion because no one will look after the baby. However, I heard from SIL that it went well and the niece has conquered her fear to face the priest. Which is normal I guess because I feel the same when I had my first communion years back. Though I missed the event and did not able to take pictures by myself, I told SIL to take some so that she will have remembrance of the event and also for me to have a photo to share her. The photo above was taken in the middle of the mass.