Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens

Many are saddened after hearing the not so good news between Walgreens and Express Scripts. The two will no longer doing business together started January 1, 2012. This bad new upsets the thousand customers of Walgreens. This event is very painful to the affected individuals knowing that nowadays prescriptions are a bit high and getting benefits and discounts are very much needed. But because of this event, customers will find other pharmacy where they can get benefits. The most affected individuals are the military and their families knowing that the Tricare is their pharmacy insurance and happens to be the client of Express Scripts. And this is indeed a very difficult situation to the most affected individuals.

With this kind of situation, it is best if we have a better option in which we can get benefits. And because Walgreens loves and valued their customers, they are having an awesome offer like Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens Getting the discounts that they are offering to brand name and generic medications is indeed a big help to their members. This is a big help and this is what Walgreens wanted to give to their value customers.

To give you some more clarification regarding this matter, try to contact your local media about it. You can also check out Walgreens updates by following them on Walgreens on Twitter and following them on Walgreens on Facebook. Show your support to this pharmacy who only does things to help us.