Every Saturday, the family loves to watch movies on DVD. It is our way of relaxing and having a bonding after dinner. We rent at least five DVD’s to watch during the weekends. We like to watch actions and thriller movies. And, also cartoon movies for the kids to enjoy as well. We wanted to have the feeling like we are in the cinema that is why the brother will connect it to the sound system that we have. The speaker of the television will give us a very annoying voice if we are going to full the volume. This is the reason we are looking for the best sound bar that we can connect to the television to give a good sounds. The sound that is soothing to our ears and also we can understand clearly the sounds and the conversation while watching the movies. Having this would make the movie night of the family awesome because we definitely feel like we are in the cinema enjoying the wide-screen and awesome sounds effects.

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  1. by Pinx, on January 14 2012 @ 11:23 pm


    ana jud..konek jud sa speakers para cinematic ang effect.

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