Sick after the new year celebration

The weather is not so good last December 31, 2011.   The city was experiencing scattered rain showers.  The weather is so gloomy when I went to the nearest supermarket to buy something.  Because I was in a hurry, I forget to bring my umbrella with me.  It was a bit raining when I go out from the supermarket.  I just walk under the rain to ride in the public vehicle to go home early before the rain pours very heavy.  I was glad that the rain did not pour heavy.  The family celebrates the New Year very happy.  We were dancing, singing, eating and laughing.   Smiley

Because I walked under the rain, the following morning I woke up with a flu.   Smiley  It is so unfortunate because I am sick on the first day of 2012.  If could just bring my umbrella with me, I would not be walking under the rain.  I am drinking lots of water and medicines already but the flu is still bothering me.  I wish this flu will gone before my birthday.  I do not want to be sick on my birthday.  The cough and runny nose is really a bother to me.  I so wish this will be gone soon.  I was so happy celebrating the new year but sick on the first day.  Smiley

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