They don’t accept cake order

The nephew will be celebrating his first birthday on Christmas day. We have two more days to complete the things we need for the little birthday party. We are almost done with the preparations. It was very tiring but fun experience. Yesterday, we went to Goldilocks to order a cake, but unfortunately they don’t accept orders on this month for the reason that their factory is a bit busy for the holidays. We went to Red Ribbon but they have the same reason. Smiley These two bread factory are famous in the city and they have bulks of orders during Christmas season. This is the disadvantage when the birthday falls on the month of December I guess.

We went home sad because we are not able to order birthday from Goldilocks. We will try again to another bread factory and I hope that there is bread factory that is not busy to accept out orders. I am crossing my fingers because the cake is very important to complete the birthday celebration of my nephew. Sad but we are hoping for the best. However, we can still buy cake on his birthday but without the decorations that we want. They can only put the happy birthday greetings. I think it is better than nothing. Next year we will order to make sure we have the birthday cake that we want. Smiley

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  1. by Pinx, on December 23 2011 @ 7:44 am


    awsss… Christmas day jud naanak imong nephew??? busy jud ron na month gen…

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