The title is here

Two months ago, we pay in full the amount of the house and lots that was loan by my father. We did not bring the title because it is still on process and we have to wait for two months to get it done. But we are advice to call every now and then to check if the title arrives. Yesterday, the SIL called the home mortgage to check if the title of the house and lot arrives. It was a music to our ears when the SIL called and utter the good news to us. Finally the waiting is over because the title of the house and lot has just arrived the other day.Smiley

This morning we went to the home mortgage to get the title of the house and lot. When we arrived and go directly to the lady in the front desk, the lady told us that they only released papers/titles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and it is still Thursday. arghs Smiley We did not know that they have specific days of releasing the title. We should have ask before we went there. Well, it was a lesson learned and I will remember that lesson everyday.