Selecting photos for the nephew’s tarpaulin

In two weeks time, the family is going to celebrate the first birthday of my nephew.  Because he is the first baby of my sister, the family is very much excited.   The nephew’s birthday is on December 25, 2011, that makes the sister and I a bit busy in the preparation.  This week, we are busy on selecting photos to put in the tarpaulin.  I thought selecting photos are easy, but it’s not because I have to consider that theme and the color of the tarpaulin that my sister wants.  Plus the photos of my nephews are too cute that makes the selections difficult…Smiley

I have four days left to finalize my photos selection.  I hope I can do it fast because the sister is a bit excited. Smiley I understand my sister’s feeling right now because she wanted the best for her son’s day.  And she wanted all things to be done a week before the event.  I am doing my best to finish things so that we can relax waiting for my nephew’s  big day.