Just last month, the brother was rushed to the hospital because he cannot breath. We brought him to the nearest hospital because my brother’s case was emergency. We stayed there for four days for some laboratories and x-rays to make sure his condition in fine. The hospital’s services was fine and some of their devices are good however, what I have noticed is the workloads of the nurses and other workers there. There are times I saw them carrying lots of medicines and other stuffs going to the patient’s room.

In my four days of being there attending my brother, I have noticed that even the hospitals has new devices already they seemed to be lacking of some. I saw some of their things in the nurse station is not properly arranged. It would be best if the hospital have medication carts to use by their healthcare professionals. Their workloads will be lessened and less tired because these gadget is very much helpful to them. Their things will be well place and they can attend the patient’s very well using this nice devices. Using this devices would make the workloads of the healthcare professional easy and better.

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  1. by gagay, on December 14 2011 @ 10:49 am


    but at least, your brother is fine now.. 😀

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