The cheap dish-washing liquid

In the village there are lots of vendors that will sell door to door.  Sometimes they offers a very low prices of basic commodities likes soaps, process foods, kitchen utensils and containers that is needed in the laundry area.  I used to buy goods from these vendors before because of the low prices compared to goods in the supermarket.  Although I am aware of those imitation goods, still I bought to spare me from the hazards in going to the city. Smiley

Just recently, there is a vendor who are selling dish-washing liquid in the village.  I am tempted to buy because it is very cheap.  Imagine, I get three bottles of dish-washing liquid for $2 only.  I am thinking if I will go the supermarket, I can only get one because  I have to commute going to the city.  It is also perfect because we are running out of dish-washing liquid, so I buy right away without hesitations.  I used the liquid the night after I bought it.  When I squirting the bottle and squeezes the sponge, the bubbles are so little.  I have to put more liquid to the sponge to have more bubbles.  I am so sad about it and angry for I cannot bring it back. Smiley I learned my lessons and I promised not to buy goods from the vendors that is knocking on our doorstep.  I will not let my lazy conscience strike me not to go to the supermarket.  I realized that it would be best to go to the supermarket because it is 100% sure that we are buying the best goods and products.  And always think before you buy. Smiley