Because my brother was rushed to the hospital three days ago, I spent my weekend here at the hospital attending him. My plans to go to the mall and unwind were not push through because my brother snatched my plans. I am not upset though, just that I do not want to be in the hospital not unless I am attending a new born baby. I have been in the hospital attending my sister and my sister-in-law who gave birth and the operation of my father and I am not bored because I am not alone attending the patient. Unfortunately, I am the only one attending my brother in the hospital. I do not have someone to talk to because my brother is always sleeping. I am going here and there to buy medicines that are prescribed by the doctors. Even I have my laptop with me I felt so bored. Three days and two nights here makes me so bored.

Tomorrow will be the last laboratory examination of my brother and I pray that the result is positive so that we can go home. I cannot stay another day here because it is so boring and the cold from the a/c is killing me. I really want to go home and have a good night sleep on my bed. I am missing my pillows, blanket and my bed which I share with my nieces.

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  1. by Mona, on November 28 2011 @ 4:42 pm


    I know the feeling .. Musta na sya?

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