The Christmas Tree is Up

It’s been weeks now that the kids are bothering me where am going to put up the Christmas tree. I always tell them that I will not put the Christmas tree this year because I do not have time to do it. Because they wanted to see the Christmas tree, they offered to help me in doing it. I just smiled after hearing that they wanted to help me because in every thing that I do, they never help me in doing it right. They just add some more mess to clean up. I am thinking of putting up the Christmas tree however, my hands are too busy with my ten months old nephew. I did have plans to put the Christmas tree this week.

After having our lunch today and the kids are taking their nap. I get the old Christmas tree and the Christmas decorations in the box. The house is so quiet, meaning no one will be disturbing me in putting up the Christmas tree. In less than one hour, the Christmas tree is now up and I have already put few decorations. Some of the decorations are broken because I have been using it for years already. I was resting when the kids woke up from their afternoon nap the nieces arrived from school. They are surprised to see the Christmas tree in the living room. They smiled and told me, “you lied; you said you will not put the Christmas tree up?’ Smart kid eh? I just smiled at them.

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  1. by Pinx, on November 16 2011 @ 1:36 am


    wow…maau pa ka gen, naa na kay christmas tree…kami, mingaw pa ang payag… samokan kaayo si bogs, mahurot ra ang mga decorations ug hilabot.. hahaha..Merry Christmas! pinaskuhan nako ha?? hehe

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