Ride on the boat

PhotobucketEver since I never tried to ride on the boat because I am afraid if the boat will turn upside down. I have so many negatives thoughts in my mind that I why I never tried even once when I was in my parent’s province. The one reason that makes me not to ride in the boat is that I do not know how to swim. I remember before, my uncle wanted me to ride in his boat and go with him fishing together with my cousins. But I did not try it because I am so scared to ride.

Just three days ago at the province of my sister’s husband, we went to their fishpond and looking at the fishes in there. But the problem is that I can only see the fishes if I ride in the boat. I am so scared and I said NO when my BIL invited me. But my eagerness to the fishes made me decide to ride in the boat with my sister. It was indeed a fun experienced if I am so tense and not relax. As you can see in the photo above that my sister capture while we are in the boat riding. One of the memorable moments of my life and I am so happy.