Back to city life

I am so refresh after having my three days vacation at the province. I am glad that I am able to rest well and feel so relax from the busy city. It is good to be away for a while from the usual routine I done at home and online. I did not bring my laptop with me because the province is so remote and no internet connection available from my internet provider. I am a bit sad but a good way to relax from eyes from facing the computer and rest my fingers from typing.

Just this afternoon I got back home from my vacation. Back to city life now and my day would be busy again starting tomorrow. I have loads of laundry waiting for me in my basket, cleaning my closet and cleaning my messy room. Yes, I did have a good time at the province but after coming back home, lots of things to do. I started making up tonight from the days of absence in updating my blogs tonight. I so missed writing an update for my blogs. I am so far behind that is why I am making up tonight. Good luck to me because as of the moment I am so sleepy…sigh!