Three days vacation

Just this morning, my sister told me that I will go with them on their three days vacation in the province of her husband. I am so excited because I really need it to relax and unwind from the busy life I have in the house. I need to be away because of the stressful days I had with the kids. I like to be in the province because of the peace and quiet ambiance and the blow of the wind is so different in the city.

My excitement stopped because my father does not want me to go. As usual, his selfish reason stops me from doing what I want and what I like. My father seems to forget that I have a life of my own and also I am old enough to do the things that I like and make my own decisions. This is not the first time he said ‘NO’ every time I asked his permission. And this time, I will not let him stop me from doing what I want. If he will insists, I hope he will forgive me but I will go with my sister to have my short vacation. I will never stop to ask his permission, I hope he will say ‘YES’ after many attempts.