Broken Washing Machine

Our washing machine is more than a decade. It’s been in a good condition until my brother moved-in in the house. I only use the washing machine on rainy season to dry the clothes after doing the laundry. But with my brother and his family moved-in, they always used the washing machine almost everyday. They have many dirty clothes to wash everyday because of the kids. The look of my washing machine now is so ugly and I am sad about it. If I have the time, I try to clean and wipe the dust outside the washing machine.

This morning, I am planning to do my laundry to avoid being loaded. I cannot do hand wash because of the kids, I decided to use the washing machine. I was putting the water when I noticed that the edge of the washing machine in the drain area is broken. I cannot use the machine because the water will just drain. I am mad and blaming my brother but thinking about it, I guess it is because of the age that is why the washing machine is broken. I think of bringing the machine to the shop to repair it because we do not have budget to buy a new one.