An Event to Remember

We do want to do some fun once in a while to unwind ourselves from stressful day and for being busy at work. Pampering ourselves from joining an event is a good way to release our stress and be relax. I have seen this Tomato Battle in the USA event only on television and in the news. By looking at it I can tell that this event is one of a kind because everybody are having fun and enjoying in the event.

This is indeed an event to remember because they are doing this event every year. This year tomato battle is here to bring enjoyment, fun and smiles for everybody. The fight of fun and smiles are being seen in the Tomato Battle in the USA. The La Tomatina is one of a kind event that every should try once. Never miss to come to visit because there are plenty of things to do to make your day a memorable one. Throwing tomatoes to one another will make the town red and will give participants a good reason to smile.

This event is so perfect for everybody to unwind and enjoy. I would love to be in this place and make my day a wonderful day. I am 100% sure will remembers this event for the rest of my life.

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  1. by Sunnytoast, on October 25 2011 @ 5:55 am


    We all need to unwind and pamper ourselves every weekend so we can face the new week fresh faced and on top of our game.

    I love the idea of joining the tomato battle…it seems like a whole lot of fun! enjoy!

    thank you for sharing!

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