Not meant to be

For the second time around, we failed to have the car that we wanted to buy for the family. The first one was the owner changed his mind not to sale his car. And the latest news, the car was already sold.grrr! This is twice in a row that the excitement of the family turned into disappointment. We really wanted to buy the car to start our own business but the car is avoiding us.

Today is the schedule of my BIL and my father to talk to the owner regarding the for sale car. But same as the first one, we did not get the car because it is already sold. My father went home with the sad face again because we missed it. The car was sold four days ago. It is so unfortunate for the family. There is nothing else that we can do but to accept that it is not meant to be. Our patience are being tested I must say because of what had happened. But we will never give up and will continue looking for a car because we cannot start the business without a car. I pray that we will get a car before this year ends so that early next year we can start the business.