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Last month, my father open an account in the bank. He gets a bank book for over the counter withdrawal and a ATM card for emergency withdrawal. Since I am the one keeping the ATM card, my father decided to let me make the password. I am so happy that my father trusted me his money. We usually withdraw some money together over the counter. We have not use the ATM card yet until today.

My father told me to withdraw some money in the ATM machine today. After the dinner date with my girl friends, I went to the ATM machine to withdraw some money. I was accompanied by my friends because it was my first time to withdraw in the ATM machine. I am scared that the card will not go out when I inserted it. So to make sure I bring my friends with me. I was in the process of withdrawing the money when I stopped for a while because I forgot the password. How could I withdraw the money if I cannot remember the password? As I remember, the password was the birthrate of my father. But the machine did not accept it. I did not able to withdraw the money because I cannot recall the password. I wish I write it on the note just in case I forgot it. Well, the damage is already done. I will try to remember the password and I hope by tomorrow I have it already.

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  1. by sie, on October 22 2011 @ 8:10 am


    hello Genny I was a bank teller for six years..forgetting the PIN no. of your father is usual..if you can’t really remember his Pin no. the best thing to do is to withdraw over the counter na lang..go to the bank..get a withdrawal slip and let your father sign on the authority to withdraw which is a part of a slip and bring his i.d..

    Be careful not to have a wrong pin again-maximum of 3 x because the atm machine will capture your card and it will make matters worse. If you want to get a new atm card because you simply can’t remember the pin no. then might as well get a new one and tell the new accounts clerk that you forgot the no. but your father will be opening the new account again 🙂

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