Go out with blogger friends

I meet these blogger friends of mine online. We became a bit closer because we interact one another in the network group we belong. The first time I am invited to joined the group, I am hesitant to talk to them because they are close to one another already. As a newbie, I just keep quiet, read their funny conversations and laughed with it. I am just observing what it is like to be in the group of bloggers. It turns out that they are good people, plus we are from the same region. Because I enjoyed their conversation, I tried to comment on one of their conversation. They replied and that is the beginning of our online friendship.

After months of talking online, we decided to meet one another. We set up a date, time and place. And this dinner with happens today. I am so excited to meet finally my online blogger friends. They are superior to me that is why I am shy to talk to them at first. While having our dinner, we talk of different blogging experiences and life’s experience. Seems like we meet before many times because we laughed a lot. The night was so good and I go home smiling. I am glad I finally meet my online blogger friends and had dinner with them. I pray that our friendship will lasts longer and looking forward for another night out. Thank you girls, I enjoyed a lot. It was nice to meet finally you in person for the first time.

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  1. by Pinx, on October 22 2011 @ 4:13 pm


    asa man ang proof sa nightout Gen??? hehe

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