High Chair for my nephew

The nephew is getting bigger and so handy that is why my sister is looking for a high chair so that feeding him will be easy. We have been looking for a good quality and enough for my sister’s budget. It is very difficult and we have to be patient because my sister’s budget is limited. We have been visited big malls here in the city but did not able to find what we are looking for. High chair from the big malls are a bit expensive and to my sister the price is not sensible.lol

After weeks of searching, finally we found what we are looking for. Indeed “Patience is a Virtue” because we found the high chair that my sister wants for her son. The price is so perfect for my sister’s budget. When I saw the high chair, I took a sigh and said thanks God. I am tired of looking actually, because it is very hard when if we are looking for the price. Now that the nephew has the high chair, feeding him would be easy. The high chair is double purpose because it is convertible into a comfortable chair for my nephew to enjoy watching the outside view. Since he do not want to sleep in the afternoon.

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  1. by Pinx, on October 20 2011 @ 4:38 am


    kami pud, we will be buying a high chair soon for Baby Job…

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