Successful Operation

October 15, 2011, Saturday at eight O’clock in the morning was the scheduled operation of my nephew. We have mixed emotions when the hospital stuffs and the doctor went to our room and get the nephew. We are so worried and have negatives thoughts because we are really scared because the nephew is too young to undergo operation. It was a major operation that makes us so worried. The operation lasted for an hour. The brother-in-law waited outside the operating room while the sister is keep on praying on the room after fixing the papers for the insurance.

It was a relief when the brother-in-law messaged my sister on phone that the operation is a success. We just have to wait for the nephew to be awake before bringing him to the room. The worried face of my sister fade away after hearing the very good news. Thank you Lord was the first words that we utter after successful operation. The nephew is indeed a fighter and a brave little boy I can tell. He is now doing well and can move without any pain.

To my friends who prayed for the success operation of my nephew, thank you very much. Your prayers give us more strength and keep believing that God will always be there. You know who you are, thanks a lot.


  1. by sie, on October 17 2011 @ 9:01 am


    I’m so glad your nephew is ok Genny..take care also of yourself and to your sister send her my is ok now..your nephew and her Mom will make it through genny ok so smile 🙂

  2. by Genny, on October 19 2011 @ 11:44 am


    thanks sie..:-)

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