Got 0 over 10

Last Friday was the week test of my nieces at school. Her mother wanted to teach her for her to get a highest score. While her mother is teaching, her eyes are looking outside to see other kids playing. I can see in her eyes that she wanted to play with them. Her body is present but her mind is absent. The mother got angry and close the door. But then she said to her mother that she knows everything already. No need to study because she knows already. Even the mother is insisted on studying her lessons, her being absents minded makes her mother to just leave her alone.

Today the result of their week examination was given to them by their teacher. It was a surprised because my niece got zero on English subject. Her parents are so angry especially her mother. The questions are so easy if she reviewed her lesson. Well, nothing we can do but to just remind the niece of what had happened. She learned her lesson and she got a punishment from her father. No more going outside and no more playing after school. I hope she learns her lesson and that she will do better next time and study her lessons.