Don’t forget to look back

I remember when the mother announced to the people she knows and to the relatives how proud she is. She is so proud because with all the challenges and trials in life, still she is able to send her kids to school because she wants them to become a successful one in the future. The mother sacrifices many things just to make sure her kids are okay. She is the kind of mother that every child would ask for. I can tell that her kids are so lucky to have a mother like her.

Because of the sacrifices her body becomes weak and needs someone to take good care of her, no one is willing to give it to her even the love from her family. Her eldest daughter who is now a teacher, doesn’t even appreciate the sacrifices of her mother back when she was still studying. Now that she is already professional and can support herself, she doesn’t want to look back and give recognition to the person who is responsible for her success. She evens said, her mother doesn’t help her at all. After hearing it, I felt angry to her daughter. The never of her to say it. I want to slap her but opted not to because it is none of my business. The mother just cried and chose not to speak.

To her daughter, if you have time examine yourself and look at yourself without the mother on your side. No matter how successful you are, you will never be happy because you forgot to look back and give thanks to the person who helps you. Remember ” NO MAN IS AN ISLAND”.