She Just Left

It is too difficult to find a nanny/babysitter nowadays. With all the incidents and news we have seen on television about babysitter/nanny not treating the kids well. My sister is taking extra careful in finding one. As much as possible she wants a recommended babysitter/nanny. She is confident having a recommended babysitter. When she arrives, the sister is so happy because there is someone who will take good care of her son whiles she and her husband is at work. The babysitter/nanny was recommended by her mother-in-law. All went well because she and her husband likes the babysitter because she lover their son and also she does household chores correctly. Even if she is not ask to do it, she will. A perfect babysitter for them.

Three months later, the babysitter told the sister that she is leaving. It was so sudden and my sister is so shocked because the babysitter informed them that she is leaving the day before she left. It is a very difficult situation for my sister. How can she get a new babysitter. It is so difficult to get a replacement. If only she informed my sister early so that she will look for a new babysitter. Well, the babysitter just left yesterday and since they are still looking for a replacement, I will took over the babysitter job for my nine months old nephew. It will be so tiring, but I am used to it. Besides this is temporary job.

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  1. by sie, on October 4 2011 @ 2:15 am


    to rescue si tita Genny..I have same experience Genny..I have two yaya’s before for my two kids but grrrrr..ang sakit sa ulo so bye bye..I’d rather do it by is really hard to find a baby sister whom you can trust..good luck Genny ☺

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