That’s not true

After her operation, the family opted to keep her real condition is for her to recover early. It is not easy for the family to face her knowing that they lied to her when she asked how is she and what is wrong with her. All she knows is that, her kidney is not functioning well that is what it has to be removed immediately. It has been three weeks now after her operation. It is good to see that she is recovering fast and started her chemo therapy as advised by the doctor because they have detected a mass beside the kidney that has been removed.

Since she is now doing her first session of chemo therapy, the family decided to tell her about her real condition. The family told her that she has a cancer. The family is ready to comfort her because they expected her to cry and in a shocking situation. “That is not true” , this are the words the heard from her. She did not cry nor shocked after hearing what her family told her. The family was not able to tell her that the doctor told them that she only have two – three years to live. Well, nobody really knows what will happen soon, but to be ready and let her know of her condition is the best thing to do to be aware and make herself ready. Even though they are worried, the family give her some time to think about it and I hope will accept the truth.