The Calm Water

PhotobucketThe weather is not so good when we went to travel going to Bohol, Philippines. I heard on the news about the low pressure area but still we pursue our plans to travel. While riding in the bus, I prayed that we will have a safe trip and the weather is good so that our ship trip is safe. While waiting at the ship to arrive the weather is cold and a bit windy. Makes me scary and thinks of bad things. I am so afraid because I do not know how to swim if ever problem I know it is so negative, but my faith to God is strong and that is all that matters.

After two hours of waiting at the pier, the official gave a signal that we can now dock in the ship. I am at peace when we are in the ship already because the wind calms down and the weather is no beautiful. We have to sail for five hours to reach our destination which is in Bohol. I am so happy because we do have a very safe trip and it was indeed an answered prayers. The water is so calm that we did not noticed we are about to dock in the pier in Bohol.

The photo is the evidence of our safe trip to Bohol. The dark shadow is the ship we are in. Thank you God for the safe trip and for guiding our trip.


  1. by sie, on September 29 2011 @ 7:25 am


    wahhhhhh..scary..I don’t know also how to swim Genny..nakakalula..I’m glad to had a safe trip and enjoyed your stay in Bohol 🙂

    *xensya Genny di ako nakavisit sa site mo..I was busy preparing with my daughter’s recognition day..she is no.1 sa pre-school so I have to focus on her speech*

  2. by sie, on September 30 2011 @ 1:11 am


    kindly go to my site I have passed an award for you

  3. by Genny, on October 3 2011 @ 5:09 am


    thanks for the award Sie…you’ve been a good friend to me..God bless you..:-)

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