Can I Help?

I was happy because I do not have any appointment to do outside the house. I can now does my loads of laundry. I have many dirty clothes from my short travel a week ago. I did not able to attend my laundry because I have busy schedule lasts week. I am glad I am finished the things that I need to settle immediately. Time for me to relax, stay at home and do my stuffs online. I sleep early last night because I have to start my laundry early to finish early also.

My nephew was still sleeping when I am busy doing my laundry. I am in the middle of my laundry when he woke up. Gosh! The gremlin is awake and I am pretty this little boy will bug me. He came near me, looking at me and utter ” Can I Help?’ As if he knows what I am Even if I said no, still he wants to help. Well, not really helping. He is just playing with the clothes. He steps into the basin and wash himself…grrrrr I was not able to finish my laundry early because of my little nephew. Yes, he did help me in messing with the clothes, playing with water, soap, and wash himself together with the clothes. I just let him enjoying himself because he is just a child.