It’s nice to be back home

After 13 hours of travel, I am glad we are finally home.  I missed home very much even if I am just away for five days.   I did not have a good night sleep at my aunt’s place because I missed my bed, pillows and blanket.  It was a tiring travel but fun because I get to meet new people and can be friends too.  I really wanted to be back home soon for me to forget totally the lost of my phone.  No matter how much I tried to forget it, still my mind still remembering it.  It’s hard to accept that someone close to you stole your things.  I learned from what had happened and told myself never trust to people nowadays even if you are very close.

Well, past is past and I have to bury the hatchet.  Now that I ma home, I have to start a happy beginning, think of the positive things and go on with life.  Earn and save to replace what had lost.  Indeed there is no place likes home and I am glad I am home.  It’s a good feeling to lay down in a comfy bed rather than on floor.  And also, I can now does my online stuffs regularly again because internet connection at my parent’s province is very slow.  Back in doing online tasks and forget bad thing happens.

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  1. by sie, on September 23 2011 @ 1:43 am


    welcome back genny..have plenty of rest..I saw your pix with Pinx hehehe..pasalubong ko..saan yung tarsiers hehehe 🙂

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