Still Thankful

I am still upset of what had happened to my phone. I cannot accept it that easy because it was the fruit of my labor online. It is not easy to do blogging and to buy what I want from the money I earned online is a wonderful feeling. I have a strong feeling that someone from the house open my bag and took it. I am angry and really mad when I found out that my phone was stolen. But there is nothing that I can do to return it back to me.

Days passed and still no trace from my phone, I learned to tell myself that it is lost forever. Instead of dwelling about what had happened, I have to let go if it and think that I am still thankful that he/she only took my phone. I have to think on the positive side and count my blessings. Though I lost one important gadget that I have, I am still blessed that I have me my most important gadget. My laptop who gives me an opportunity to earn online. It is still a blessing and I am so thankful about it. Thank you God for the blessings.


  1. by sie, on September 19 2011 @ 12:47 pm


    sad naman 🙁 but anyway Genny your right regretting won’t do anything..the truth is it is not on the celfone itself but the phone numbers with it..have you at least had a list?

  2. by Genny, on September 24 2011 @ 1:04 pm


    wala akong copy ng nasa phonebook ko…sadness…thanks for the comment sis…:-)

  3. by Pinx, on September 20 2011 @ 9:31 am


    correct!!! at least you still have your laptop with you, unsaon na lang kung ang laptop ang gikawat… awp!

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