Blog Idol Round 2

I have joined different giveaways and contests that bloggers are hosting. I am fond of joining because of the fun and the thrills it brings waiting for whom will be the lucky one to bag the prizes. Among those giveaways and contests that I have joined from past to present, this Blog Idol contest is the best for me. Why? Because I feel like I am joining in a long running television contests that viewers/readers will casts their votes. One of a kind contests here in blogosphere indeed!

Without further a do…I would like to asked from your kind of heart to support for me by voting the song that I picked for this week. Each week, the host will eliminates participants who got the lowest votes. PLEASE VOTE FOR MY CHOICE OF SONG THIS WEEK AND HELP ME MAKE IT TO THE TOP THREE. wink!

To vote, just click HERE and read carefully the mechanics so that your votes wont be wasted.

Note: Vote for my choice of song which is #10. Not my name nor mention my name when you vote. Thanks very much. Genny.